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Just some ideas to consider in a carpet.
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Custom-Made Carpet Design Services

Jan Berglowe of Carpets by Design, Inc.  creates carpet art with Custom Designed carpets, area rugs, and wall hangings; serving Harford County, Maryland and the surrounding area.

We will assist you in selecting the exact size, shape, color and design of your carpet to meet your requirements.

Hand Crafted Carpet and Hand Carved Custom Carpets
Custom Made Logo Carpets - Area Rugs - Borders - Wall Hangings

Featured Services

  • custon inlaid carpet designCUSTOM-INLAID carpet is created by skillfully blending two or more pieces of carpet of almost unlimited colors, textures, and sizes into a desired pattern. This technique transforms mere carpet into a vibrant design statement.
    The possibilities are infinite.
  • hard carved carpet design HAND-CARVED carpet, the most dramatic and unique application of carpet available, is capturing the attention of everyone involved in the design of residential and commercial interiors. Its presence in a stunning home or sophisticated office takes the interior beyond the ordinary, giving it a truly elegant touch. Virtually any design which can be drawn on paper can be brought to life in carpet.
  • hand binding on carpet HAND BINDING is done expertly in our shop on those carpets which, due to their configuration, cannot be bound by machine. Also, decorative 1", 2" and wider bindings with mitered corners are a beautiful addition to a very simple carpet..
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