About Carpets by Design, Inc.  - Custom Designed Carpet

Most often asked questions…

What kinds of carpets do you make?  We have made carpets and wall hangings for every room in the home as well as logo carpets for the commercial setting.  All carpet art projects are handmade using nylon or wool, and, when circumstances require it, marine polyester and olefin.  The fiber styles used most often include pencil point and plush carpets both of which carve beautifully.  However, mixing it up with different texture carpets such as berbers, friezes and wovens works wonderfully in many settings, adding another dimension to the project. 

What is a sculptured carpet?  In the process of creating a textured design in a carpet art project, several colors are generally incorporated.  Wherever the different colors come together in the project, the edges are beveled at a 45 degree angle.  The result lends an incredible three dimensional aspect to the design.  On occasion, the client will request to have a design carved directly into the carpet.  This works well when a more subtle look is desired.  Often there will be small details carved into a design where using another color would be overbearing.

How much does it cost?   Decisions regarding the grade of carpet, number of colors to be used, amount of detail in the design, and size of the carpet impact the final cost of the project. 

How long does it take?  On average, the process takes 6 to 8 weeks.  Circumstances can extend this time frame such as delays at the carpet mills.

How does the design process work?  If you look around the space where the project is to be located, you will find bits of design everywhere:  carving on the woodwork, details in the upholstery or drapes, themes in the artwork, design in the stained glass door or window, wrought iron scrollwork, etc.  We utilize these design elements and the colors already in the room to create several beautiful designs for the client’s approval.  We also take into consideration among other things the purpose of the space, the amount of traffic in that space, and the size of the project.    

How can we be sure the finished project will work in our space?    When the design is approved, we send to you a full sized paper template of the project for your approval.  Samples of the carpet to be used in the project accompany the template as well.  If in placing the template in the space you realize the carpet needs to be larger or smaller, the design moved or adjusted, etc., the changes may be made on the template before returning it to us.  In this way, your happiness with the project is assured.

Carpets by Design began its success story in late 2001 when we completed the coursework offered by Carpet Sculpture Galleries in California.  During this process, we learned the nuances and details surrounding custom carpet design and construction as well as the skill set needed for exquisite carpet sculpture.  An extensive art background allows us to bring to light aspects of color theory and design in the creation of each carpet art project we undertake.  Since March of 2002, we have displayed beautiful samples of our work as well as copious photos of completed work at the spring Timonium Home and Garden Shows and more recently at the Howard Live Luxury Home Shows at Turf Valley.  Our workshop is currently located in Bel Air, Maryland.